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  • 75Good
    Clever Tanken offers most comprehensive fuel price data base in Germany. More than 9.000 stations and 50.000 price entries updated every weekday. is number one fuelprice service in Germany. Contribute your own updates to the database by integrated price upload tool. Report gas prices from your local station to help improve the service even more. ...

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  • 126Good

    The MapEm is designed to locate your Family members on the Map. Simply Add your family to your friend's list, and set the switch to allow family to locate you. You get 300 FREE locator inquiry with this version. For additional info, please visit Note: To get your location addresses : 1- Toggle the Sel/Des condition to Sel. 2- Setting Menu Switch for "Allow Friends to Locate you", s...

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    iDashPad Pro

    iDashPad is a multi-purpose dashboard tool that helps you organize all kinds of shortcuts with intuitive photo thumbnails, and make it super handy for you to use. For example, if you are driving and want to find a coffee shop nearby, you could have done it with 1 simple tap in iDashPad Pro, mostly within a second. On the contrast, it would take much more taps and keyboard input with other GPS or e...

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  • 168Good
    GPS Kit - Offline GPS Tracker

    - TIME Magazine’s 15 Fantastic Gadgets “Perfect for hiking or mountain biking. The social aspect of the app's real-time friend-tracking feature, ‘Squawk!,’ makes all that stat-gathering worthwhile.” - “The GPS Kit app... has a number of excellent outdoor uses, especially [for] hiking, biking or geocaching.” - NBC’s ‘The Browser’ Radio Show “Most beneficial for advent...

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    EFB Electronic Flight Bag par F-AERO

    EFB Electronic Flight Bag par F-AERO permet d'acheter et de télécharger aisément toutes les cartes aéronautiques numériques de France. Les cartes numériques proposées ne sont pas interactives ni géoréférencées et n’interagissent pas avec la position de l’appareil de l'utilisateur. Aucun service complémentaire associé n’est proposé. Après souscription et téléchargement, une c...

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