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After half a year spent dozens of teams, the Chinese area's first big-budget, orthodox Chinese classical style box game rom.! In the Chinese ancient Mausoleum as background, simple without losing gorgeous visual concept, design a stunning -
Beautiful style. The theme of the game Tomb adventure, a total of six points, with five Chinese animal as the theme, each level has its own obstacles and difficulties, and with the game, each level will also be patron, -
Every saint has its unique ability, as long as the good use of their abilities, can more easily break through each level.

With fingers moving pictures on the box, the same color brick into three or more lines, will be able to destroy. Part, there will be the soul attached to the above, as long as they destroy can collect souls. Within the prescribed time
The number of soul collection level specified you can enter the next level.
Failure of the corresponding color box, get the energy below the patron saint of can, when energy gathering, direct touch on the guardian can trigger special effect corresponds to the.

The orthodox Chinese wind careful aesthetic.
The 5 temple, more than 30 levels as you challenge.
The 6 angel, respectively corresponding to the different special features and gorgeous special effects.
10 special box, increase the difficulty of the game as well as fun.
Chart system, but with their own preferences to strengthen 12 kinds of different abilities.
Cumulative system batter energy, the more energy the higher cumulative number of combos, reach disintegrating conditions trigger full screen effects broken. BY >> Auer Media & Entertainment Corp.
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